Alpha Sigma Alpha


Nickname: Alpha Sig, ASA                                               Mascot: Dot the Ladybug

Founded: Longwood Univeristy - November 15, 1901     Flower: Aster & narcissus

Open Motto: "Aspire. Seek. Attain."                                Color:  Crimson, pearl white, palm green                                                                                                        & gold

Philanthropy: Special Olympics                                       Symbol: Crown, palm tree, phoenix &                                                                                                              star

I am Madison Zaccardelli, and it is an honor to serve as the president of the Delta Eta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, here at DePaul. 

When I went through recruitment, I felt like I had no feet on the ground. I was going from room to room, blindly "trusting the process", just like my RC explained. When I met the women of Alpha Sigma Alpha, I was grounded. I bonded with these women over simple conversations and values. Throughout recruitment, and your time in the Panhellenic community, you will meet incredible women. It is impossible to know the impact of their influence until it happens. 

I can speak for myself, and countless others, on the positive impact of finding a home here in the Panhellenic community. Panhellenic women are supportive, thoughtful, diverse, and so much more than the letters on their chests. 

Finding my home in ASA felt like a breath of fresh air. Alpha Sigs are women of poise and purpose, who are so much more than meets the eye. Our sisters are mentors, artists, leaders, writers, power lifters, and so much more. 

Two years ago, I was given the opportunity to join Alpha Sigma Alpha. Since then, I've learned how to lead, how to value relationships, and how to be a woman of "poise and purpose". I couldn't have done it without the women in my chapter- and across the Panhellenic community- who made DePaul my home.

I wish you the best of luck as you begin your own journey home. 

Alpha Love & More! 
Madison Zaccardelli