Delta Gamma


Nickname: Dee-Gee                                                              Mascot: Hannah Doll

Founded: The Lewis School for Girls - December 25, 1873  Flower: Cream-colored Rose 

Open Motto: "Do Good"                                                      Color:  Bronze, Pink & Blue

Philanthropy: Service for Sight                                              Symbol: Anchor

Welcome to the Delta Gamma Eta Pi Chapter at DePaul University!

Upon joining Delta Gamma at DePaul, I was unsure of who I was and what I wanted out of the sorority experience. Three years later, I feel incredibly lucky to have found a home among these women who build one another into the best versions of themselves and strive to make a difference in the world.

This sisterhood is full of remarkable women who are united by values, yet individualistic and diverse. We are athletes, musicians, comedians, humanitarians, graphic designers, roommates and  more. This is a chosen family where I have found my role models, roommates, little sister and best friends. The sisterhood is not limited to this chapter—we are part of something bigger than ourselves, part of 250,000 empowering women who share the same mission to “do good.”

Because of these women, I have never felt more strong, confident and supported. Whether it be late night study sessions, 24-hour dance marathons or volunteering with the blind and visually impaired, I’m glad to have my sisters by my side. The memories I’ve made in this chapter have shaped me and I am eternally grateful that Delta Gamma is a part of my college experience.

With love,

Sarah Clarke

Chapter President