Frequently Asked Questions

What does PNM mean?

PNM stands for Potential New Member. This is any woman looking to join a Panhellenic chapter. 

How do i go through recruitment?

To go through the formal recruitment process, a PNM must register between May 1st and September 23rd. Registration for Fall Formal Recruitment begins on May 1st. The link for registration will be posted when it opens. There is a registration fee that is included, which covers the expenses of recruitment. These expenses include t-shirts, guidebooks, water bottles, and more. The fee is $40 from May 1st to June 1st and $50 from June 1st until September 23rd.  A PNM must be registered for at least 12 credit hours for the fall quarter in order to participate in recruitment. There is no minimum GPA requirement mandated by the Panhellenic Council, however, each sorority has their own minimum GPA requirement in order to be considered.  

If I go through the recruitment process, am i obligated to join a sorority?

No, you are not obligated to join a sorority! The purpose of recruitment is to allow women interested in joining a sorority meet the incredible women that make up the chapters and our community to help find a home away from home. No one is obligated to join a sorority and you may withdraw at any time from the process.

What is the process of withdrawing from the recruitment process?

In order to withdraw from the process, a PNM must meet with their Recruitment Counselor and sign a document noting their withdrawal. 

What are the financial obligations of joining a sorority?

The financial obligations vary with each sorority. Some sororities are all inclusive - meaning miscellaneous items (i.e. t-shirts) are all included within the costs, while with other sororities, a member can chose what to order.  Dues range from $650 to $1000 for the academic year. 

There aren't houses at depaul. What do you do instead?

Although sororities do not have houses on campus, sorority life continuous to thrive! Chapter meetings take place in classrooms across campus, study rooms are coordinated in the library, and philanthropy events and other events, such as sisterhoods and formals, happen on campus and all over the city! This makes sorority life (and life at DePaul) unique and extremely fun for members!