Welcome to DePaul University Panhellenic Association!

"Welcome to DePaul Panhellenic! Thank you for visiting and taking the time to learn what we're all about! We are a community comprised of 8 sororities, each unique in their own way but centered around our communal values of empowering women and helping the larger DePaul and Chicago community. In joining a sorority, a woman does not only join her chapter, but she joins the larger Panhellenic community as well. This year, we are focusing on encouraging Panhellenic respect between all chapters in the community, embracing the authenticity of every woman in the community, and taking the initiative to become more educated and engaged with the Multicultural Greek Community here at DePaul.

We hope to inspire these changes and strengthen our Panhellenic community through opportunities in education, training, communication, and personal development. With these tools, we aim to provide experiences and knowledge that will make our women successful not only in college but in the future as well.  On our website, we have information for Panhellenic women, people interested in joining the Panhellenic community, parents, and anyone looking to learn more about our initiatives, programming, and the incredible women that make up DePaul Panhellenic. Please browse the different sections of our website to find more information relating to specific aspects of the community. If there is information you cannot find on our website, please check out the National Panhellenic Conference website, npcwomen.org, or feel free to reach out to members of the DePaul Panhellenic executive council with any questions or concerns!"

-Emily lindsey, President