Emily lindsey

As the Panhellenic President, I preside over all Panhellenic meetings, activities, and initiatives. I am responsible for leading the Panhellenic Council to improve and support the Panhellenic community through programming, education, and projects that benefit all Panhellenic women in addition to creating a sense of community between all chapters. This year we have chosen to focus specifically on sexual assault awareness, women empowerment, and community relations (check out our vision statement for more information!). I conduct monthly meetings with chapter presidents to discuss problems and concerns in the community, develop solutions, and to form strong relationships between chapters. I am the liaison between the DePaul Panhellenic community and university officials, all Greek councils, the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), and the Chicago community. I also represent the entire Panhellenic community at a variety of meetings and functions.

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isabel day

The Vice President of Standards maintains that order is kept within the Panhellenic community per chapters abiding by our bylaws. I am responsible for drafting amendments for the bylaws and implementing risk management policies, and making sure that all chapters respect the rules that have been set forth. Additionally, I handle the writing of infractions against chapters and the running of meetings following the National Panhellenic Conference Judicial Structure, as well as leading the Judicial Board when deemed necessary. Above all, the Vice President of Standards ensures that the women in our community are following our guidelines of standards that reflect each chapter within the Panhellenic Council.

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vp of Programming

Sarah galateanu

As the VP of Programming, I get to plan events for bonding between our Panhellenic chapters and beyond! I primarily plan our Fraternity and Sorority Life week, annual Badge Day Tea ceremony, and our Fraternity and Sorority Life Beach Day. My biggest goal is to provide opportunities for women to meet other members of our community through fun programming events. Whether it be a donation drive, yoga class, or karaoke night, I love meeting the amazing people that make up our community.

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vp of Membership recruitment

Katelyn Schreck

My main responsibility as Vice President of Membership Education is to run formal and informal recruitment. I also work closely with the Recruitment Chair of each individual chapter to implement recruitment rules and promote values-based recruitment techniques throughout our community.

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VP of Recruitment counselors

hannah czarnecki

I am the VP Recruitment Counselors. My main job is to select and train active sorority women to become Recruitment Counselors for formal recruitment. Recruitment Counselors help guide potential new members (PNMs) through formal recruitment by making it enjoyable as well as be there for PNMs. Once Recruitment Counselors are selected it is my responsibility to create trainings for these women to provide them with the tools they will need to take on this leadership position. I run workshops during Spring Quarter and a retreat just before school starts. This year, along with training recruitment counselors, I want to create a PNM workshop before recruitment starts to teach them about what it means to be a Panhellenic women, and share with them the amazing community they are about to join.

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VP OF Public relations

Kendal Charnota

The VP of Public Relations works to create an a positive image and public relation of the Panhellenic community as well as overseeing various marketing strategies of chapters on campus. The duties of VP of Public Relations include maintaining all the social media platforms and the website, promoting events, working with the VPs in creating marketing materials for events and recruitment, and also working with the VP of Membership Recruitment in creating innovative ways to increase recruitment enrollment and give positive exposure of our Panhellenic community to the public.  

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Vp of Operations

jenna withers

My position is a combination of Correspondence and Finance. I collect National Panhellenic Dues from each chapter, and ensure that our executive board adheres to their budgeting in order to maximize our events and activities. I help organize our weekly general body meetings to make them educational and entertaining, and something our women can benefit from!

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Vp of Community wellness

Shelby Rachwal

I am the Panhellenic VP of Community Wellness. It is the first year the position has been added to the council and I am so excited to learn and grow with this new position. Within my position I am in charge of overlooking and creating programming and initiatives for the mental, physical and sexual health of our Panhellenic women. As an organization for women, by women my primary goal is to also further the bonds of sisterhood and empowerment that all Panhellenic women have the right to feel within their communities. I am so glad I have this opportunity to do what I love for a community that I love.

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