Recruitment Counselors

"As Recruitment Counselors, we will promote a positive image of the Panhellenic community through neutral representation and unbiased attitudes. We promise to act as confidants and mentors to the Potential New Members and uphold the standards of the Recruitment process while remaining enthusiastic and living the core Panhellenic values of service, scholarship, leadership, and sisterhood."

During the winter, women in our Panhellenic community have the opportunity to apply and are selected to be a recruitment counselor or recruitment team member for the following fall Formal Recruitment. During the spring and summer, these women come together from all eight chapters to embrace their leadership abilities to learn to support the potential new members that we welcome into our community. Our recruitment counselors disaffiliate from their own chapters to be unbiased, create relationships and guide potential new members throughout the week of Recruitment. These ladies are the first faces that potential new sisters meet, and it gives them the opportunity to show others how much the Panhellenic community means to them.