Letters Are Just Letters

It’s much easier to look down on something than to look up to it. It’s much easier to talk badly about something instead of reflecting on what you envy about it. It's so important to recognize that female empowerment is the future and the sole purpose of sororities. Letters should not dictate whether or not you support someone. Letters symbolize that this person believes in the empowerment of women and you should build them up instead of tear them down. Letters should be what brings us together, not what divides us. Letters do not measure who you are or bind you to a certain group of people. Letters are what give you the power to join an amazing community of women. Women who believe in you, in female empowerment, and who dedicate themselves to bettering themselves and the world around them. All sorority women, regardless of letters believe in the values of friendship, confidence, empowerment, service, community, and leadership. Panhellenic women are a team, not competitors. Every chapter is different, but this is what makes our community so unique. We each bring something different to the table, and you choose whether you view difference as a strength or a weakness. You choose to overcome the stereotypes of other chapters and to branch beyond your chapter. You choose the power of your letters.

I challenge all Panhellenic women to stop viewing letters as dividers and start seeing them as a sign of warmth and welcome. I challenge you to wave to all women in letters and start viewing them all as your friends rather than opponents. I challenge you to overcome this imaginary idea of letters being used for separation rather than association. I challenge you to follow and support more Panhellenic women on social media. I challenge you to find the value and uniqueness in every chapter and every woman you come across.

Nikki Callo