Little Pieces of Advice

Going through sorority recruitment can be a big step that some may be hesitant about taking. It can be a difficult decision to make and you can only get so much information when you scour through the Instagrams of the different chapters here at DePaul. The only way to get an accurate representation of what the process is like, is directly from the women who went through it. Some women from ASA were able to tell me about their own personal experiences with recruitment.

The first question that you may be asking yourself is “why should I even join a sorority?” There are so many benefits to being apart of an organization that is bigger than yourself. Aside from the long lasting friendships, the constant support system, and the chance to find a home away from home, you’ll get to be involved in supporting different philanthropies and growing your own leadership experience within a group of other strong women.

“I went through my freshman year with an awesome group of friends but when I got into my sophomore year, I found myself lacking a strong group of women. I learned in one of my classes that women are pit against each other and I wanted to be apart of breaking that cycle.” -Junior Emma Hierseman

There’s also the concern about what exactly the formal recruitment process is like. The best thing about it is that you’ll have recruitment counselors who will guide you through every step of the way. They are there solely to help you through each and every day as you make your way through each chapter. It may get difficult at times but that is when you can turn to them for help.

“I had a positive experience. You can tell when you click with certain girls and when you vibe with a chapter as a whole. There were times when I felt a little overwhelmed but that’s to be expected. I remember hearing from the recruitment counselors to ‘trust the process’ and that’s how I found my chapter.” - Freshman Kate Kacho-Gragg

As you’re going through the process it may be difficult to go in with an open mind. You may already have ideas or thoughts about certain chapters that can be hard to put aside but you have to realize that one person’s experience isn’t going to be the same as yours. Each chapter has something that will bring you in and something that you can make a connection with.

“Don’t go in thinking ‘oh if I’m not in this chapter, I’m not going to do it’ because every chapter has something so special in it. You’ll hear ‘trust the process’ but that’s really what you have to do. Thank God I did it because now I’ve met some of the best people.” - Junior Allison Stark

If you’re on the fence about going through with recruitment, take in this piece of advice.

“Honestly, just do it. It is not going to hurt you. I highly encourage anyone to do it. It could be life changing you never know. It’s changed my life.” - Sophomore Jenna Withers


-Abby Yimer